A Special Day to Rally at Busch Stadium

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The afternoon of Sunday, May 19, was a special one for Rally Saint Louis and one St. Louisian in particular. The generous St. Louis Cardinals made the date Rally Saint Louis Day at the Ballpark, and with it came the opportunity to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

True to the Rally mission, we left this decision up the community.

Saint Louis chose Mr. Arthur Hawkins, a lifetime Cardinals fan who, sadly, is in the final stages of his fight with cancer. Confined to a wheelchair, he never misses a game on TV or radio and always dons his Cardinal Red for the occasion.

In his 70’s now, Arthur was full of an excitement usually reserved for children, exclaiming throughout the morning, “This is the best day of my life!”

In addition to seeing Arthur throw out the first pitch, volunteers from Rally handed out two thousand t-shirts, provided by Café Press, to spread the word for the organization.

The shirts were gone in less than an hour as the crowd in the Ballpark was excited to learn about how they can help improve the region through Rally and to take home free swag.

Thank you to all who made Arthur’s special experience possible and stopped by the tent. Now go wear your shirt and spread the word for Rally Saint Louis!

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