Help Mayor Slay Place Bike Racks Around St. Louis

Because he believes in the power and ideals of the Rally Saint Louis movement — engaging the region’s residents to help make St. Louis a great place to live, work and play — Mayor Francis Slay has been a vital supporter of the effort. 

The Mayor’s Office is also working to make the City of St. Louis a premier cycling city. To do this, the St. Louis community needs to continually enhance cyclist safety, increase access to secure bike parking facilities, and most importantly — make the choice to ride bikes in the city as simple as possible.

So now it’s your chance to help Mayor Slay in the decision making process. He wants to know where you think St. Louis needs more bike racks. The city has already installed 30 new racks near municipal buildings, in parks and recreation centers, as well as near various public spaces all across the City.

But there are ten racks remaining and the Mayor believes that the city’s cycling community are best-positioned to assist him in identifying the last few locations.

A few things to consider:

  • Bike racks will be placed in the public right-of-way, not private property.
  • Think strategically, i.e., don’t place a rack across from an existing rack just because you don’t want to cross the street.
  • Consider high traffic areas (pedestrian & bike traffic — not necessarily cars).
  • Would placing a rack (or two) in a location promote more cycling in the neighborhood or make it easier or safer to do so?
  • Is there a tree somewhere that seems to ALWAYS be full of bikes? If so, give it a break and tell us to install a rack.

Here’s where you come in: Below in the comments, tell us where the city needs bike racks like the one pictured here. Then the mayor’s office will use your ideas to help the city place the new racks. As simple as that.

Now get to it!

35 Responses to Help Mayor Slay Place Bike Racks Around St. Louis

  1. Outside of Local Harvest Grocery Store. Always locking up to a pole or a tree, but there should be a bike rack! Plus, so many people walk there with their dogs, that the poles and trees should be reserved for tying up dogs… not bikes!

  2. The South Grand business district and Cherokee street could both benefit from highly-visibile, accessible bike racks. Many people in both of these areas already bike– but safe places to lock up are few and far between.While there is a bike rack on South Grand wedged between the Kinko’s and Bread Co, it is not easily spotted from the street– I’ve been biking in the area for years and only recently found it! Also, it’s not the safest spot, as it is very dark and tucked away from the street.Cherokee street has only one bike rack that I know of, and it’s right in front of the bike shop, west of Jefferson. I think placing a rack on the eastern side of Jefferson would be appreciated by the many people who bike in the area.

  3. The last time I rode a bike to the Convention Center/Stadium, there was no bike parking available anywhere. That would be a good place!

  4. Basically – everywhere! A few good places would be in front of Wyoming Barber Shop and City Diner on South Grand. Also by any restaurant on “The Hill”. Grocery stores, Post Offices, Coffee Shops, etc. Anywhere you can go by car – I can go on a bicycle. It’s a “vehicle”.

  5. Outside of CAM (contemporary art museim) & The Pulitzer. Especially during art openings, there’s nowhere to park your bike and it gets crowded! Encourage biking to the arts!

  6. Another vote for South Grand/Cherokee. both are so bikeable, and now on bike routes, and traffic calmed. Complete the Great Streets project on South Grand by adding bike parking!

  7. Wow, are we really deliberating over the placement of 10 bicycle racks? I’m glad you’re “engaging” the residents Mayor Slay, but come on the cost of making and installing 10 bike racks is still less than making a parking space for ONE car. I am glad that you’re touting the whole rally st. louis platform, but this reeks of a PR move rather than an actual interest in community engagement. You can do better. Wake me up when you’re asking for our input of the installation of 100 bike racks or better yet, working towards a complete streets initiative!

    That being said, would like to see more racks downtown, in front of businesses like PI, Range, and along Washington. I always end up locking up to bus station poles.

  8. Just a thought, next time don’t spend over $1000 per bike rack and we could be helping decide where to put 100 bike racks. I would also like to point out that St.louis is home to three separate companies building bike racks. So it would be nice if we purchased them from one of residents.

    Joseph is right. Put them anywhere you would drive your car.

    Just my 2 cents.

  9. Those bike racks are getting purchased from a company based here in St.Louis – Anova. They were founded more than 40 years ago in town and still manufacture many of their products in the city just south of the Grove.

  10. I work for Jay’s International Foods and I’ve been envisioning a bike rack in front of our store for some time now; I could see one in the shape of a globe, one that simply says “Grand”, a fleur-de-lis design to coincide with our neighbors at SLU and the St. Louis heritage?

    The design is irrelevant to the point that there should be a bike rack outside of there; we get a good population of people traveling via bikes and I’d hope it’d encourage more. I’ve tried to call Big Shark and Blueberry Hill because they have quality bike racks in front of their properties but both either never called back nor had much information. Any information, please forward them on. Thanks and stay warm, all.

  11. I second the votes for bike racks near Jay’s International Foods and Local Harvest Grocers/Cafe.

    One outside the court house would be great too. Last time I showed up for jury duty, the officer told me to lock my bike up on a parking meter (which I am pretty sure is illegal).

    More bike parking around Busch Stadium would give more people incentive to bike to the game (and bring back the Bike to Busch promotion).

    Bike lockers around downtown would also be excellent. When I lived in Santa Cruz, CA, they installed some and lockers worked out fabulously:

  12. Grand Center–all the venues there. Should have a cool comprehensive bike parking plan for the district as a whole.

    The Hill area, CWE along Euclid between Delmar and Forest Park Blvd., Cherokee St, Grand Ave business areas, Laclede’s Landing, Locust St busines area. Most stripmalls should be required to install convenient bike parking.

    Really there should be a city-wide bike parking policy that includes sidewalk racks in some areas, on street bike corrals in some areas, indoor bike parking in garages and consistant and recognizable signage as to where bike parking is to be found.

  13. 4103 Shenandoah Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation Office

    As a not for profit promoting the Shaw neighborhood for 30 years, we believe one of the biggest advantages to city living is biking and walking to neighborhood and surrounding amenities. Please help SNHC promote a bik-able life-style with a new bike rack in front of our office at 4103 Shenandoah.

    Over the past 6 months, two new businesses have opened on this popular downtown Shaw corner and it is also home to the Thurman Grill.


  14. I noted with interest while visiting Tucson, Ariz., this summer that in their public transportation system, each bus has a front-loading bicycle rack to accommodate the two-wheeling segment of the population. A bike-friendly city such as Fort Lauderdale would be well served by equipping Broward County Transit buses with bike racks.:

    Check out our blog site as well

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  17. Hello Mayor Slay,
    I’m Jon… the owner of Feraro’s Pizza in Saint Louis. Our newest location is part of the resurgence going on in historic Carondelet at 7700-7704 Ivory St. There we have the all new Feraro’s Pizza and The Engine Room at Feraro’s. We are located across the street from Stacked Burger Bar and also from the Ivory Theater (formally Saint Boniface Church). And we are all surrounded by fountains, parks, and boulevards. It’s a wonderful place to bike to, and not enough people know about it. Having bike racks there would be a beautiful part of the business initiative that is going on in the Patch neighborhood of historic Carondelet! We can be reached for further comment at 314-397-2583. I hope you will strongly consider this little proposal, as I know it is a little thing that will make a huge difference for our neighborhood! Thank you!

    All My Best,

    Jon Feraro
    Feraro’s Pizza

    CC:FB and Twitter

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