Voting on First Set of Ideas Begins on Rally Saint Louis Platform


After launching in mid-November and receiving more than 150 creative idea submissions, this week Rally Saint Louis enters the second phase of its crowdsourcing and crowdfunding process ultimately aimed at better-positioning the greater St. Louis region.

A purely citizen driven movement, the community is now tasked with voting for their favorite ideas. At the end of December, the five ideas receiving the highest voting totals will be evaluated by the Rally Saint Louis Marketing Board and budgeted.  The first round of ideas with budgets will then be placed on the Rally website in mid-January and available to community crowdfunding.

“This just the next step,” said Brian Cross of Rally Saint Louis. “The process will recycle, so each month you’ll see a fresh batch of ideas submitted by St. Louisans to improve or better position our community, and the region’s citizens will continue to have opportunities to submit new ideas and vote on others.”

New ideas can be submitted at any time and the process will repeat itself. Just a few of the first set of creative concepts now eligible for voting include:

Will swings in public spaces prove popular?

  • A marketing campaign positioning St. Louis as, “a city of parks and gardens;”
  • Creating more designated bike lanes through the region;
  • To make March 14 of each year St. Louis Day for the 314;
  • Inspired by Atlanta’s “Living Walls,” a campaign to put paintings throughout St. Louis on the sides buildings near the edges of neighborhoods as well as dilapidated buildings near downtown;
  • Funding blighted building tear downs along I-70 between Lucas & Hunt and the Martin Luther King bridge.
  • A free mass transit entertainment shuttle that runs a loop from the Central West End, to the St. Louis Univ. bar district, to Washington Ave., Laclede’s Landing, Soulard, and back again;
  • Celebrating St. Louis’ soccer heritage with an outdoor turf facility open to the public.
  • Inspired by Swings Tampa Bay, an effort to hang swings in and around St Louis parks, paths, structures, and office buildings — any place that would give someone a few minutes of enjoyment.
  • A dog park in Forest Park;
  • Wildflower plantings on vacant lots through the city;
  • And a downtown evening farmer’s market.

The full grouping of ideas in the 10 categories are always available to be seen and voted on here on the Rally website. New ideas can be accepted here, and submitters are asked to only submit ideas that are focused on either improving the region or better the perception of greater St. Louis.

For questions about the process, please email the Rally Saint Louis team at

4 Responses to Voting on First Set of Ideas Begins on Rally Saint Louis Platform

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  2. I love the site and many of the ideas are really creative. I wonder if you will add a place for commenting on the ideas posted. I have seen some ideas that mesh well with an existing groups mission and I wish I could tell the poster “You should talk to …..” Other times I see an idea that sounds great but have questions about the feasibility of it. It would help the voting if there could be some online discussion about the ideas.

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