New Month, New Ideas in Funding


Fresh off our heels of three recently funded Rally Saint Louis projects, we’re in our fourth round of funding and have new ideas ready for your donations. Projects range from major endeavors with a National Beer Museum, to shipping containers that function as cafes along the riverfront.

The latest ideas are below but other ideas remain on the funding board. Take a look and support your favorite projects today!


  • Idea: Time to Light Up The Park Pacific Garage (PLEDGE HERE)
  • Summary: With the news that KMOX, Y98 and KEZK are moving to the Park Pacific, it’s time to light up the garage and Tucker. An LED scrolling marquee to wrap the southeast corner of the parking garage could highlight CBS stations, offer headlines, concert dates, weather and more. It would also visibly enliven the streetscape.
  • Budget:  $9,000


  • Idea: National Beer Museum (PLEDGE HERE)
  • Summary: This idea would create a National Beer Museum of world class quality. St. Louis has a great beer history. We are home to the Anheuser Busch, one of the largest brewers in the world. We once had large brewers like Lemp, Falstaff, Griesedieck, among others.
  • Budget:  $15,000,000 Site TBD.     


  • Idea: Lighting the MacArthur Bridge (PLEDGE HERE)
  • Summary: The MacArthur Bridge is a great landmark of the Upper Mississippi. By lighting key elements at the riverfront, we can bring new life to important American engineering assets this region has known and loved for over a century.
  • Budget:  $1,595,000


  • Idea: Riverfront Follies (PLEDGE HERE)
  • Summary: We are a former shipping town. Using shipping containers, transform them into function and non-functional follies along the entire riverfront. Partnering with the recently funded Cotton Belt Building, create critical mass to this northern end of the riverfront.
  • Budget:  $50,000





Go pledge for your favorite ideas and take to Twitter and Facebook to tell your friends! We do this every month, so keep voting for your favorite ideas and submitting new ones!



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