Nominate Saint Louis Difference Makers

Nominate Saint Louis Difference Makers

Know anyone that has made a difference here in Saint Louis? You know, the regular “folks” who do it just because. Not because they’re a celebrity, or a politician, or it’s their job. But the lady down the street that got everyone together to create a dog park, or the guy who started the food truck craze here, or brought wrestling down to Broadway? Like we said…. the regular people who got up and did something. Not for the credit, or notoriety, but because it made life more enjoyable for them here in Saint Louis. And as a result it’s made life better for all of us.

We want to celebrate those Saint Louisans. We want to raise their achievements up as an inspiration for us all. So, please, help us identify some of these great unsung builders of our community. Help us get this town up off the couch (after the playoffs, we promise) and make those small things that really add up to a great community. We know they’re out there.

The nomination form is available now for you to submit someone who deserves the recognition.

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