Rally Saint Louis is a community-
powered platform designed
to harness the creativity
and PASSION of residents and
position the region as a
great place to

How it works

Crowdsource Ideas

The community (that includes YOU!) is asked to submit their best ideas (in various categories) on making St. Louis a better place. Creativity and innovation is the name of the game.


So, who decides what the best ideas are? In short, you do. The community will vote for their favorite ideas. The top 5 voted ideas will be chosen each month to be evaluated by the Rally Saint Louis Board and given budgets and resources to move on to the next round (no, this ISN’T American Idol).


The short list of concepts will be evaluated to determine a budget and implementation plan. Fair warning: Ideas related to installing a bungee jump from the top of the Arch will also be thrown out at this stage.


Then, we’ll take the final ideas back to the people. Community members can make the ideas a reality by opening up their wallets and donating to the concepts that inspire them. Ideas that are not fully funded will be removed after some time and donations will be refunded.


This is what this is all about. Ideas that meet their funding goals will be executed per the implementation plan. And, chances are, if it’s your idea, you might even get your name on a plaque. As if you needed any more motivation!