Rally for Correcting an Error


In May, we accepted nominations for some of the biggest Cardinals fans to earn an opportunity to throw out the first pitch at home game against the Brewers. We selected a winner and a runner up, thinking both would be allowed onto the field.

Unfortunately we were mistaken and only Arthur, who was selected to throw the first pitch, was able to go onto the field. Rally Saint Louis and the Cardinals organization both felt terrible for disappointing runner up Emily, so we made it up to her on a separate occasion.

Below is a nice note we received from Emily’s Aunt Nikki that we wanted to share:

I nominated my niece Emily for the RallySTL opportunity to throw out the
first pitch. Emily is now 15 and was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma
approximately a year ago.

She started experience leg/shin pain and swelling which lead to her
diagnosis. She immediately went from a normal active teenager who enjoyed
playing softball and basketball, excited to be going to high school to a
young adult facing cancer. To make matters a bit worse, she also lost her
father suddenly to AML on January 15, 2010.

She underwent 4 months of chemo-therapy and then was faced with the
decision of having a limb saving reconstruction surgery or an amputation of
her leg below the knee. The amputation gave her better odds in regard to a
reoccurrence and she immediately said “take it off”. I can’t imagine being
14 and making that decision. Thereafter, she underwent an additional 4
months of chemo-therapy, enduring a lot of side effects and ups and downs
along the way.

Currently she is waiting for the scar/stump to heal as the chemo deterred
it from healing and she underwent a “clean up” surgery yesterday and had an
inch of bone removed from her stump due to her growing since the removal.
She looks forward to healing, being able to wear her prosthetic, attend
school in the fall, and getting back on the softball field and basketball
court. She is an amazing young woman and an inspiration to many.

Unfortunately Emily was not chosen to throw out the first pitch, a huge
Cardinal fan was selected and his wish delivered to him, which was
awesome!! Unfortunately due to some miscommunication in the process, Emily
was told she would be on the field for the first pitch ceremony and her
name would be mentioned on the PA system. On the day of, we were informed
she would not be on the field which was a huge let down for her and I felt
as if I had let her down although it was outside of my control. Aaron was
my contact that day and he was very apologetic, supportive, and
understanding of the situation. He told me he would like to make it up to

On June 21, 2013 Emily, along with her mom Kim, brother Brendan, and sister
Breanna were on the field for batting practice. The picture shows it all
and it’s so nice to see them all smiling together. They managed to get
David Freese’s autograph, see the players up close, and thoroughly enjoyed
the experience along with the game that evening.

Big thanks to Aaron for keeping his word and making this right. I can’t
thank you enough.


Thank you Nikki for introducing us to such an inspiring young lady!

We’re thrilled that such a deserving person had a wonderful Cardinals experience. Rally Saint Louis sends well wishes for Emily as she recuperates from surgery, and we hope you will leave a comment wishing her a speedy recovery as well!

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  1. My sweet girl Emily. I know all of u had a great.time at.the game. I know u will get tbrough this small setback & show me ur strength again. Seems like u have inherited daddy’s strength of course I know he would b proud of you & like myself & many otgers others would want to take ur pain. I love u so much, as.I.do Bree & Brendan; all of u r wonderful children. Thank u Nikki & Aaron, Rally St Louis.

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