Rally Profile: Colby Gergen

There is a broad team behind the Rally Saint Louis platform whom we will introduce St. Louisans to in the coming months.

Name: Colby Gergen

What do you do for Rally Saint Louis: I started off helping define the idea and flow, then I helped with the strategy and direction of the website. Now I focus on community management and outreach, helping with overall strategic planning. As of January 2013, I’ll represent Rally Saint Louis on the Advisory Boards for CityArchRiver2015 and Great Rivers Greenway.

Colby Gergen at age 12

How long have you lived in St. Louis: Thirteen Months.

Favorite St. Louis oddity: The obsession with High Schools. Also my least favorite, depending on the conversation.

How did you become part of the Rally STL team?  I like yelling things at Aaron.

What’s your favorite area restaurant? Caruso’s Deli on Washington Ave. Tell Jerry and Linda you want Colby’s Breakfast Sandwich. It’s phenomenal.

What do you think of Rally STL? It’s a terrible idea. Who came up with this shit?

If you could do an interpretive dance with any St. Louisan, who would it be? Does Karlie Kloss count?

What is your personal dream for St. Louis? To leverage it’s unique geographic location to not only be a leader of business, but a name synonymous with urban sustainability.

Provel cheese. Why?  In moderation. It has a unique flavor that plays nicely, particularly on my ridiculously amazing homemade baked sandwiches.

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