Rally Saint Louis Announces First Santa Razor Race To Fight Hunger


Need yet another reason to Rally for St. Louis?

Let’s remember there are seminal moments in St. Louis history:  the Arch is built, the first BLT at Crown Candy Kitchen is served, the Rams come to town, and of course, the greatest pre-holiday scooter race between two Santa Claus’ in the history of pre-holiday scooter races between multiple Santa Claus’ is one of them.

Thus, the efficiently named Rally Saint Louis’ Reason for the Season Rabble-Rousers Santa Razor Race Round Downtown To Fight Hunger (and working on Friday afternoons) will kickoff at high noon on December 21 at the corner of 10th Street & Washington Avenue and proceed with lightening speed through  downtown St. Louis, ending in front of Mango on 11th Street & Lucas Avenue.

Along the way, it’s the holiday time and there are many St. Louisans in need, so we’ll be collecting canned food items for the St. Louis Area Foodbank, as well as spreading good cheer, and periodically delivering roundhouse kicks to unruly rabblerousers.

If you are interested in racing you need two things: a kickin’ scooter and a mind-melting holiday costume!

Route details are below – sign up to attend on Facebook here — but whatever you do be sure to join us for a prompt start at noon on December 21 at the corner of 10th & Washington!

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  1. Dear Rally St. Louis folks,

    I’m assisting the Buddhist Council of Greater St. Louis to organize a walk to feed the hungry on June 9, 2013. We will have well-respected author and monk Bhikku Bodhi as a main sponsor. Would you please share with me the permit process you went through to organize this lively Santa Razr Race? It looks like it will be a blast, and such a great cause! You may reply to my email listed above. Thank you in advance for your assistance, and thank you for the great website to help bring back St. Louis!

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