Rally Spotlight: Dave Vislosky

There is a broad team behind the Rally Saint Louis platform whom we will introduce St. Louisans to in the coming months.

Name:  Dave Vislosky

Role on Rally STL: Technical project manager. I work for Elasticity and developed the initial functional specs for the site and managed the build-out.

Dave has red hair which is not entirely his fault

How long have you lived in St. Louis: Though I recently moved back to the Chicago area (which is home for me), I was proud to call St. Louis home for 16 years.

How did you become part of the Rally STL team: I believe it was an artifact of my Selective Service registration back when I was 18. Always read the fine print kids. That, and I manage all of Elasticity’s digital projects.

What’s your favorite area restaurant? I have a strange withdrawal going on from Mr. Curry, but Cunetto’s on the Hill was always a top choice for me.

What do you think of Rally STL? I’ve been very excited about this entire concept since we started. I remember reading the “St. Louis Doesn’t Suck” article back when it was first published and thinking “wow, somebody just came out and said it”. The region has so much to offer but just has never done a good job of promoting it. Nearly everyone I know that has visited St. Louis has been impressed, and it’s time that word gets out more consistently.

If you could do an interpretive dance with any St. Louisan, who would it be? There’s this guy that wanders around in a lab coat doing the talking head thing on TV a lot. He’s got a mad ‘stache and seems generally knowledgeable about little, but is asked his opinion about nearly everything. I’d like to have a beer and a dance session with that cat.

What is your personal dream for St. Louis? I’d really like to see St. Louisians put on their big boy pants and really knock these projects out of the park – to use an analogy the town-folk are familiar with. I think there’s huge potential to create momentum in the right direction from the perspectives of actually getting projects going, and the improved perception of the region helping itself out. Those are the types of communities that draw people in.

Provel cheese. Why? No idea.

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