Rally Spotlight: Jamal McLaughlin

There is a broad team behind the Rally Saint Louis platform whom we will introduce St. Louisans to in the coming months.

Name: Jamal R.S. McLaughlin

Role on Rally:Senior project manager.

Jamal is a known picker-upper of random children

How Long You’ve Lived In St. Louis: I’ve only ever lived in IL, but only ever worked in St.louis. Go figure.

Favorite St. Louis oddity:  The simultaneously awesome and horrible music scene. And bands will defend and blast the scene within a single sentence. Maybe passionate is the right word to describe STL and music.

How did you become part of the Rally STL team?  Fate. I’m a Project Manager at Infuz, the team tasked with the development of this awesome site. And proud to be a part of it.

What’s your favorite area restaurant?  This is such a hard question. Everest Cafe? King and I? Nope, I can’t answer this one.

What do you think of Rally STL?  These conversations take place everyday. It’s about time these ideas get shared and a chance to connect with the needed funding to help make STL even better

If you could do an interpretive dance with any St. Louisan, who would it be? The horrible “Sax man” who plays on Delmar on occasion to the dismay of everyone.

What is your personal dream for St. Louis?  Unity. “The Earth is but one country and mankind its citizens”

Provel cheese. Why?  Growing up I was unaware there were other options


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