Rally Spotlight: Jason Fiehler

There is a broad team behind the Rally Saint Louis platform whom we will introduce St. Louisans to in the coming months.

Name:  Jason Fiehler

Role on Rally STL: Executive Producer of the website/technology.

How long have you lived in St. Louis: Off and on – total time in STL is 28 years.

Jason Fiehler enjoys a nice pants of pleated trousers

Favorite St. Louis oddity:  Tough call between the bathrooms at Venice Cafe and that we don’t use our car horns at all.

How did you become part of the Rally STL team:  I lost a bet.

What’s your favorite area restaurant? Citizen Kane’s.

What do you think of Rally STL? I liked it up until the point where they rejected my idea to turn the Blood & Sand restaurant into an actual gladiator arena.

If you could do an interpretive dance with any St. Louisan, who would it be?   Rick Holton, mainly because I just can’t see him performing an interpretive dance.

What is your personal dream for St. Louis?   I’d like to see St. Louis reverse the trend of big companies moving to different cities.

Provel cheese. Why?  Processing makes everything better.

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