Rally Spotlight: Sheila Mikles

There is a broad team behind the Rally Saint Louis platform whom we will introduce St. Louisans to in the coming months.

Name: Sheila Mikles

Lionel Ritchie brand beer drinker Sheila Mikles enjoys wearing oversize sunglasses

Role on Rally STL: I am one of the lead account / project managers for Elasticity on the Rally team making sure each aspect of this very large ship is being tended to.

How Long You’ve Lived In St. Louis: In the metro area all my life (except for a 2 year stint in NYC).

Favorite St. Louis oddity: The old Becky & Wanda commercials, Queen of Carpet and Princess of Tile.

How did you become part of the Rally STL team? Through Elasticity, as the Account Manager on Rally.

What’s your favorite area restaurant? Frazier’s.

What do you think of Rally STL? I think it’s great! What other platform gives you an idea to market your city in a more positive light?  There’s some clever ideas on the site and I’m proud of our community for embracing Rally and running with it.

If you could do an interpretive dance with any St. Louisan, who would it be?  Fred Berry* aka “Rerun” from the TV show, What’s Happening (may he RIP).  He was born in St. Louis, fun fact.

What is your personal dream for St. Louis? To become the city that sets an example for other cities to follow with similar Rally grassroots efforts. Making things happen and livin’ the dream.

Provel cheese. Why? It’s cheese, it’s good.


*should be noted that Elasticity’s Aaron Perlut has actually had a phone conversation with Fred Berry before he passed.

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