Six New Ideas Reach Rally Saint Louis Funding Round


We did it!  Well, you guys did it. We just banged on some calculators, talked to people smarter than ourselves and put together the financials needed to pull off the amazing projects that start the funding phase this month. Last month’s four ideas remain on the board as well.

Remember, budgeted ideas will remain open for crowdfunding on the Rally Saint Louis platform for 90 days. If they are not funded within that period, the ideas will be removed from the site. The concepts and budgets include:


  • Idea: Automated Bike-Sharing Stations (PLEDGE HERE)
  • Summary: Patterned after similar systems in Shanghai, Paris & Chicago, this project would create bicycle stations where residents and visitors may choose to rent and return bicycles at easily accessible intervals throughout the city.
  • Budget:  $80,000 to buy bikes, docks, stations, and operate for one year. Hoping to have 19 stations around the Wash U./Delmar/Forest Park area.


  • Idea: Lighten Up St. Louis (PLEDGE HERE)
  • Summary: A cost-sensitive initiative to improve neighborhood safety by installing sidewalk-facing pedestrian lights to the existing cobra head street lights on major thoroughfares.
  • Budget:  We plan to pilot this first. Tier 1: $15,000 for lights and installation for 1 neighborhood. Tier 2: $30,000 for lights and installation for 2 neighborhoods


  • Idea: Recreate Lindy Squared (PLEDGE HERE)
  • Summary: Develop a program to identify buildings on which to paint murals with positive messages — beginning with recreating the “Lindy Squared” mural — that are artistically creative and attractive and showcase St. Louis artists.
  • Budget:  The budget has two tiers: Tier 1: Materials, prep, insurance, anchoring system, and labor: $25,000 Tier 2: Same as above with 100 plaques to attach to exiting public art & QR codes: $36,500 The existing “Public Art by Region” website of the Regional Arts Council lists about 100 pieces of public art in the regions of Downtown St. Louis, Laclede’s Landing and City Garden.


  • Idea: St. Louis Moving (PLEDGE HERE)
  • Summary: Create miniaturize (via 3D printing) famous St. Louis landmarks, neighborhoods and other identifiable icons and place them in markets like New York, Boston, and Seattle as part of a guerrilla marketing and social media campaign to help spread the word that St. Lou is on the move.
  • Budget:  $33,000 – Includes CAD design & production for models, Marketing, and Travel


  • Idea: Mushmaus Artist Residency (PLEDGE HERE)
  • Summary: Create an artist residency program in St. Louis, which offers time, ample space, and a stipend for DIY conceptual visual communicators to realize big ideas and to encourage an elevated dialogue about work completed at the mushmaus idea incubator between local in-residence artists and members of the community.
  • Budget:  We’re estimating $5,750 to include residency & funding for artists/musicians, and catalog printing and production.

Previously delayed due to complexity, Soccer HOF details and funding is ready!

  • Idea: Bring The National Soccer Hall Of Fame to St. Louis (PLEDGE HERE)
  • Summary: The National Soccer Hall of Fame closed its doors in 2010. Its artifacts and memorabilia sit in storage, and it’s time to bring those collections to St Louis and re-open the museum in soccer’s American home, St Louis.
  • Budget:  $1.1 million.


Go pledge for your favorite ideas and take to Twitter and Facebook to tell your friends! Also, we do this every month, so keep voting for your favorite ideas and submitting new ones!

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