St. Louis World Food Day Helping To End Global Hunger

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More than 1 million people in Missouri are unable to get food on a regular basis. Globally, hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria, & tuberculosis combined, according to the UN World Food Programme.

For the “food insecure” (as it’s known) in the USA, it’s about the recent increase in poverty, and an inability to generate enough money for the food they need. Food pantries are increasingly spread thin.

And with respect to food insecurity in Africa, hunger is caused by agricultural land devastated by decades of war, political struggles, and a lack of infrastructure to support the transportation of food to poor villages.

St. Louis World Food Day (STLWFD) is working to change this problem domestically and abroad.   Each year, the organization hosts a large event to educate and energize people around the problems of hunger and poverty, as well as put them to work.  They package nutritious food (1,000+ food packagers last year) and ship it directly to school aged children in Tanzania, Africa.

Domestically, STLWFD supports local food pantries — this year in partnership with the St. Louis Area Foodbank to provide macaroni and cheese, which is nutritionally rich, and a cost effective way to feed the hungry.

There are varying ways to participate:

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