The TRUTH About Crime in St. Louis

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Thanks to increased joint efforts by local law enforcement and “hot spot” policing, crime in St. Louis City continues to decrease and has actually dropped by 46 percent since 2006 according to the St. Louis Metro Police Department.

A new video on St. Louis and crime was just released by four regional civic organizations — St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation, the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission, the St. Louis Regional Chamber, and the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis — and calls out the misleading crime rankings with commentary from leading national criminologist Dr. Richard Rosenfeld, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson, St. Louis County Police Department Chief Tim Fitch, and various residents.

15 Responses to The TRUTH About Crime in St. Louis

  1. Nice way to showcase the need to merge the city and the county. Great job. Once the union issue gets worked out and the city becomes another town in the county like Ladue or Clayton, STL will really start to get going again. Get rid of the 1% earnings tax while we are at it! There is no value added for what we pay vs what we get for that tax.

  2. How about hot-spotting around Lemp and Cherokee? We could certainly use some support at night when the car break-ins happen. A cop on foot in the daytime when nothing is happening is better than nothing, but it doesn’t seem to be the best use of resources.

  3. This puts an argument I’ve been making for a couple years now succinctly and professionally. This will be useful when I’m trying to convince someone to forget what they think they know about STL!

  4. This video is horseshit. The city boundries are what they are, a small population. Just making the calculated area larger doesn’t FIX the problem, it just masks it.

    Everyone (like me) who lives in the actual city limits knows crime is out of control. Cops show up to write reports, not prevent crime. Chief Twitter would rather talk about crime over doing some actual head cracking police work.

    The smart citizen move out as soon as they can for St. Charles, or Jeffco county. The morons stay and keep voting Democrats into office. Insanity.

  5. Sorry, “AJ”, but you’re speaking out of turn.

    I moved from the county (North, to be specific) into LaSalle Park in 1999. I’ve experienced FAR LESS crime here in the city than I did in the county.

    I also have seen a great increase in the police patrols in our neighborhood over the last few years.

    I guess I’m just to dumb to notice the crime.

  6. I work for a non profit social work agency in the city. I recently attending a meeting of other providers as well as the city and county chiefs. They are working hard to clean up the areas and have requested our help. It isn’t just about arresting people, but helping people who may be desperate. Where I work there is not a bank or a grocery store in immediate area. Many of our clients don’t know how to even prepare fresh food as they eat out of boxes and cans. Employment, education are sorely needed. As are the programs to help keep kids in and engaged in school. Educate the younger generation, offer them a way out of the street life and you will see improvements in neighborhoods. Don’t just offer them hope, show them a way out if they are willing to put in the work.

  7. I think a missed opportunity in this video is to show downtown activity. It looks like they filmed most of the interviews at 8:00 on a Sunday morning. The streets and restaurants are deserted, when I know from experience there is much more activity than this on any ordinary weekday. They really should shoot more of the activity in the background and the environmental shots. After all, an active city is a safe city. An empty city is a lonely, scary city.

  8. The problem with this report is they are only featuring downtown and making it look like a cosmopolitian and safe place. What about the North or South side? Why wasn’t anyone below the poverty level interviewed about their daily experiences? This report is horribly one sided. Take your cameras to Jeffvanderlou, Ofallon Park, Hyde Park, or even Dutchtown and Benton Park and see how St Louis City differs from this report. Don’t highlight the good parts and ignore the seedy underbelly. But this kind of report won’t happen because the reporters are afraid to go to these areas to do stories. Next time do a report that interviews people that don’t live in secure downtown highrise or have college degrees.

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