Who Wants To Throw Out First Pitch at a Cardinals Game?

Tees to be handed out on May 19th at Busch Stadium

Ever want to throw out the first pitch at a Cardinals game in front of thousands at Busch Stadium? Well, here’s your chance.

On Sunday afternoon May 19, when our St. Louis Cardinals face off against the Milwaukee Brewers, we’ll also be celebrating Rally Saint Louis Day at Busch Stadium and giving away free Rally STL tees — generously donated by CafePress — in Ford Plaza located behind the bleacher seats in the outfield courtesy of our friends at CafePress.

The Cardinals have offered Rally Saint Louis the opportunity to  throw out the first pitch of the game.

But the question is:  Who should do it? Who deserves to live the dream of tossing out the first ball at a Cards game?

Well St. Louis, like all things Rally STL, it’s up to you! Submit your best case for the most deserving St. Louisan in the comments below. Make your pitch! We look forward to seeing who comes out on top!

34 Responses to Who Wants To Throw Out First Pitch at a Cardinals Game?

  1. I would love to throw out the first pitch! Not only have I been a true Cardinals fan my whole life, but Yadi is my favorite player and to throw a ball to him would be a dream come true. I’ve grown up in St. Louis, but now I have to move to Kansas City for a job and I’m trying to create as many Cardinals memories as I can this summer! Plus, I will be graduating from Mizzou the day before and this would be a graduation present that none could compare to! Oh, please pick me!

  2. I think my brother Thomas should be the one to throw out the first pitch at the Cards vs. Brewers game. My brother was born with a mild case of cerebral palsy which has limited his participation in organized sports. Growing up my brother was able to play little league baseball on a youth team and lived and breathed the game everyday. Since he’s entered high school he no longer participates on an organized baseball team but does play ultimate frisbee. He also does the announcing for many team games for his school from the press box! I have never known a bigger sports fan or cardinals fan than my brother Thomas. Anytime I need to know a statistical record or pervious award winner he’s got my answers. I think he should get to throw out the first pitch at Busch Stadium.

  3. My nephew Alex who was born in STL 13 years ago and now lives in Milwaukee would be a great candidate to throw out the 1st pitch. It would be a dream realized.

  4. Chris Trotter should throw out the first pitch. No sob story here, the guy is just the biggest Cards fan I’ve ever met, which is saying a lot in this town. Trotter has been a die-hard fan his entire life, and lives and breathes Cardinals baseball, even in the off-season. As a huge fan, and generally awesome person, Totter is the perfect St. Louisan to receive such an honor. Did I mention he’s an awesome dude? Well he is.

    -My $.02

  5. A die-hard Cardinals fan, married to a Cubs fan and living in enemy territory? My poor husband has lived in the Chicagoland area for a total of four years and proudly touts his Cardinals allegiance whenever the opportunity strikes, which is often (have you seen the Cubs record? ouch!) Throwing out a pitch in Busch Stadium with the roar of Cardinals fans supporting him would mean the world to him! Do it for my husband, do it for the rivalry, do it for Cardinals living in enemy territory everywhere!

  6. My husband and I recently moved to the St. Louis area a few months ago to be closer to family and Cardinal games. We are huge Cardinal fans as well as our son who’s dream is to one day play for the Cardinals. My husband is an amazing man and it would be a dream of his to throw the first pitch in a game and be able to share the experience.with our son!!

  7. Beyond being a deeply-rooted Cardinals fan, my friend is a deeply-rooted St. Louis fan. Whenever he takes people to his hometown he makes sure to treat them to a malt at Crown Candy, take in an outdoor show at the Muny, and he fits in a stop to a new shop he found in Tower Grove, Lafayette Square or U City. The Cardinals make this city great, but as my friend recognizes, and will be the first to tell you, the diversity, culture and creativity of the city make it remarkable!

  8. I second the vote for Chris Trotter. I’ve never seen him happier than he was anticipating opening day. He even got me kind of excited about it, and I’m a Cubs fan. Finally, as Jonald said, he’s awesome, and this would pretty much make his year.

  9. My name is Jennifer Rubin and I’m 16 years old. When I was 12, I started a fundraiser called Rockin’ 4 Relief and what we do is rock in a rocking chair once a year for 10 hours straight and raise money for BackStoppers. BackStoppers is an organization that gives money to families of police officers, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics killed in the line of duty. In the past 4 years, we’ve raised over $44,000 including a $13,000 donation from Ms. Oprah Winfrey and just a couple weeks ago, we received our 501(c)3 status. I now want to become a police officer myself one day and I’m very passionate about being involved with my community and St. Louis as a whole. I also happen to be a huge Cardinals fan! KSDK ran a story on my room at my house because it is covered in Cardinals stuff. My dad took me to my first Cardinals game when I was 6 weeks old and I’ve been their biggest fan since! I love talking to the players, watching the game, playing the game and everything! Seeing David Freese and Jim Edmonds involvement with BackStoppers makes me really happy to know that we have a team of grey guys both on and off the field!

  10. Seeing as how the KC fan just got the first plate at the St. Louis Flying Saucer. I’d like to do a little turn-about is fair play. I grew up in KC, but moved here and now sit with home plate as my view to the world (love the downtown ballpark). Let this KC turned STL girl show that baseball and a great baseball town is better then the ancient history of the 1985 world series.

  11. My boyfriend Jeff Chapman is–by far–the most deserving guy when it comes to throwing the first pitch at a Cardinals game. A Cardinals fan since childhood, he lives and breathes St. Louis sports–and even has the STL Cardinals logo tattooed on his leg to prove it! He knows every fact about the club, and even though he moved to Texas in high school, he remained a die-hard Cards fan and St. Louisan at heart. He moved back after college, and is the go-to guy on all things local. He loves our city, loves our ball club, and I know it would make his year to throw the first pitch–especially against the Brewers!

  12. My 6 year old daughter! She is autistic and just this past week she told me when she grows up she wants to be a Cardinals Baseball player! A year ago she couldn’t even answer that question. She is amazing!

  13. I have been a Cardinals fan for over 30 years, starting when I was on bedrest pregnant with my first son.
    My husband and I go to at least a game or more every year. For our anniversary one year Tony LaRussa gave my husband and me free tickets because he couldn’t guarentee us autographs from the players.
    I also won the Best Dressed Fan in our office at work when we were playing the Texas Rangers in the World Series.
    This would be a great gift to do this, although I don’t play ball, I just watch it and love the St Louis Cardinals…..PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!

  14. Hi. I am a Social Worker at Northview Village Nursing Home. I have a resident who is all about the Cardinals. He puts his Cardinal “gear” on whenever they play. He’s never missed a game whether it was on the radio or TV. He knows every Cardinal player now and past. My resident’s name is Mr. Arthur Hawkins. Arthur is in his 70’s. Arthur is in his last stages of cancer. My dear Arthur only has a few weeks to live. He has been confined to a wheelchair. He’s still alert and he propels himself in his wheelchair. The only family he has is us, the staff at Northview. I would really love to make Arthur’s last few weeks of his life memorable, and this would mean so very much to him. Thank you! Brenda Chilton

  15. My dad, a former Marine and a junior high math teacher an coach in DeSoto would be perfect to throw the first pitch. He was the starting centerfielder for the Marine softball team on Camp Pendleton and a lifelong ball player. He and my mom never miss watching or hearig a game. They are intheir mid fifities and still all star softball players. They volunteer nearly every weekend at the KC hall or the Elks Club to raise money for food baskets. They have fallen on hard time since their house burned down after it was struck by lightening a few years ago and this would be something to cheer them both up.

  16. It’s my dad’s birthday this Thursday & throwing the first pitch at a Card’s game would be “the ultimate” birthday gift for him! My dad is a strong supporter of all St Louis has to offer! He’s a brave cancer survivor & proud disabled Vietnam Veteran, currently serving as Commander for his Veteran’s organization. He retired last year from the State of Missouri Department of Labor – Unemployment Division, working in the heart of downtown in the Wainwright Building. His favorite passions include Cardinals baseball & Mizzou football. I’d love to see the expression on his face if he were told that he gets to throw the 1st pitch for Sunday’s game… That’s a winner!!!

  17. There is an autistic student manager at the high school I went to (Parkway North). Brian Thal has been the student manager of the baseball, football, and basketball teams for four years. Last week on senior day, Brian Thal not only dressed out for the game, but actually threw out the first pitch. The Parkway North seniors did not just want him to throw the first pitch, but throw it when the game officially started. Kirkwood High School agreed not to swing at the pitch for Brian’s safety, but it was an awesome experience for Brian. He warmed up with the team, went through the normal routine of a starting pitcher and got a standing ovation from the crowd when he came out of the game as if he threw a great game. Brian is definitely deserving of throwing out the first pitch at the Cardinals game. It’s not a feel bad for the kid kind of thing, its a celebration of a couragous student who has never asked for much in his life.

  18. My niece Emily should throw out the first pitch!. She is an amazing young lady who at the age of 15 has been through more than most at the age of 30. She lost her father to AML suddenly on 1-15-10. Then in June 2012 she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in her left leg and began chemo therapy.She went from being an everyday teenager who participated in softball and basketball, to facing Cancer. In October at the age of 14 she had to choose between a limb saving operation for her leg /tumor area or an amputation. She immediately chose the amputation, which reduced her odds of reoccurence. She had the amputation on October 17, 2012 and began chemo about 5 weeks after. She has spent many a night at Cardinal Glennon watching the games and has been lucky to meet a few a of the players. Emily just finished up her chemo 3 weeks ago and is on her way back to healing and hope to have her in a prosthetic soon so she get her independence back. This has been a very difficult journey for her but she finds a way to smile everyday and tackles new activities daily on crutches, a wheel chair, or just hopping. She is inspiring on so many levels,she is beautiful inside and out, and Loves the Birds (a team who gives their all everyday) too! This would be so great for her as she starts off on her journey with her left foot on the ground!! Thank you for considering her.

  19. Still trying to get my dad in, Bob Jasper. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer Monday. My brother (an ex-marine with PTSD) and his 3 years old son, are flying in from Hawaii Saturday to spend the week with him, knowing he starts aggressive Chemo and Radiation next week. My dad has linked with so many people in the Community, battled years of addiction and health problems, and this would top the bucket list. My brother played baseball with Kyle McClellan, and my dad coached them (STL Stars)- so we are going to the game.

    We lost our Grandpa (my dad’s dad) at 54 years young, and want our children, all 6 of his grand babies to spend every moment with him while they can. This opportunity would make all this pain and heartache the happiest moment ever, even if it’s his last. He is a wonderful man, father, brother, san, and Papa. Thank you for considering him.

  20. My niece Emily is a 15 year old who is most deserving of this special honor. Having survived a difficult fall of Chemotherapy for osteosarcoma and amputation and smiling all the way. She lost my nephew her father to AML in 2010 abd then her battle. It is more than a teenage girl should have to deal with but she did and is doing remarkable. Please nominate her for this very special day.Her Aunt Barbie who is a diehard Cardinal Fan thinks she should do it!!!!

  21. I have been a life long Cardinals and have seen many Cardinal milestones from watching Lou Brock break the single season base stealing record to Bob Forsch’s no-hitter. I am 59 and have MS but it has not slowed me down. I am a community coordinator and a pastor.

    In 2010 I was selected as a finalist in the People/ MLB “All Stars Among Us” Contest for my work in creating Hammers of Hope, a program that helps build accessibility ramps for person with a disability and home repairs for low income famillies free of charge. I also helped to create the JeffCo Express, the first public trnasortation system in Jefferson County. When I was selected my prayer was to see my dream of throwing the first pitch at a Cardinals game finally realized but it didn’t happen. While it was an honor to be introduced on the field before the game my dream of throwing the first pitch came up short. To be so close and yet so far. At least we won the game even though I eventually ost the contest as well. To get this second chance of having my dream come true would really be a blessing and an answer to pray.

  22. As a life long Cardinal fan, I have a deep appreciation for the game of baseball in St. Louis. I’m a high school baseball coach. I also am the owner and creator of rallysquirrel.com and Facebook.com/officialrallysquirrel. On “Rally St. Louis” day it is only fitting that the creator of rallysquirrel.com throw out the first pitch. In the last couple of years, I have consistently and passionately promoted all things Cardinals. That is why we have over 8,300 LIKES on our facebook page and thousands following our blog. We give away Cardinals tickets all the time as well as other cool Cardinals gear. We are all things Cardinals. We are the biggest fans of the St. Louis Cardinals. In light of the recent tragedies in the tornado near OKC, the rally squirrel initiated a relief effort raising money to help victims. It would be an honor for me to throw out the first pitch on behalf of Cardinal nation. Thanks for your consideration.

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  25. I am a veteran teacher from central Illinois who has been a Cardinal fan my entire life. When I was a kid my dad would bring us to St. Louis to watch the games. I loved eating popcorn and turning it into a megaphone to yell for my favorite players. I have been teaching students for 21 years and I tell them to work hard and dream big. One of my dreams is to be able to be out on the field with Cardinal players. I also show and interest in my students lives by being involved in what they like to do. This would give me the opportunity to be a person outside of the classroom.

  26. On behalf of the members of my church group, we would appreciate your consideration of our Pastor, Jim Smith, to throw out the first pitch. Jim has been a loyal Cardinals fan since he was a boy, pretending to pitch in a World Series game as a Cardinal. While pitching for his high school team in Ashland, Missouri, he also excelled as a pitcher for a traveling team after school. Following high school he excitedly went to open tryouts for the Cardinals. He was jokingly told the only thing he lacked to be a big league pitcher was talent, ending all expectations of having a baseball profession. Never-the-less, Jim is a devoted Cardinals fan with posters hung in his office and wearing Red Bird hats at church activities. He incorporates baseball lingo into his sermons on a regular basis while wearing his Cardinal tee. Pastor Jim would do anything for the people of his church, pitching in to help them move, lending his car to those in need of a ride, attending little league games of the kids in church, singing to newborns and simply being everything we could ask for as a faithful pastor and a devoted friend. He gives so much to others without wanting, needing or asking for compensation that our church is always looking for ways to show our appreciation. Jim would truly find it an honor if he was able to walk out on the field at Busch Stadium and throw out the first pitch for the Cardinals, just like he dreamed about as a child. Thank you

  27. My Father is David Swisegood and holds the record for all time high school basaeball wins in Illinois high school baseball history. He is 84 years old and still coaches high school baseball at Southeastern High School in Augusta, IL. He just lost his wife recentky. I would do anything this world for him to throw out the first pitch in a Cardinal game. He has met Mike Shannon.

  28. I would like to see my husband throw out the first pitch. He is a loonngg time die hard cardinal fan and he’s turning 40 this year. He’s a little creeped out about it, but id like to ease his mind by making it one he’ll never forget. My husband has done so much for me over the years. I honestly don’t know where id be with out him. He’s gotten me through some tough times including a life threatening accident. And he’s now given me two beautiful children. I owe it to him to make it the best birthday ever and i know this would make it an unforgettable one and hopefully show him how much i appreciate him and prove to him my life is nothing without him.

    • Working in law enforcement i put my husband through a lot. Too many times ive made him worry, but through it all he’s stood by me. Encouraging me every step of the way. Even when i have to miss important family time because of my job. I owe so much to him. Please coincide my husband for a first pitch. He deserves it. Thank you!

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